Our pre-kindergarten program works with four and five year olds.  We offer a variety of hands-on, developmentally appropriate materials that engage the children in social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.  We include an alphabet program entitled “Alphabet Antics” which incorporates phonics into our daily activities. There are math and science units such as fall harvest, magnets, and the farm unit in which we hatch baby chicks to bring to a local farm.  Each family receives a weekly email update, a daily facebook entry and a monthly newsletter to keep informed of upcoming events, themes and parent conferences.

Our curriculum covers the following areas: music, art, math, science, social studies, dramatics, language arts, reading, readiness, cooking, motor development, and creative movement. We believe socialization is particularly important for young children, and our program’s routine and structure reflects this by allowing plenty of time for the children to play with friends outside during free-play, and during free-choice in their classroom learning centers. Making decisions about where they play and who they interact with allows them to be socially confident, accepting, and independent.




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