Center Hours
Nursery: 7:00am-5:00pm
All Other rooms: 6:30am-5:30pm
*Exceptions, please contact MCDC.



School Closure
We have an email program set up with parents which allows us to email you first thing in the morning if the center is closed. This also allows us to send out weekly reminders of school activities and information. We also post school closings on WMUR.


A vital part of our program is the strong bond between the teachers, children and their families. As caregivers, we dedicate ourselves to providing children with a very nurturing, supportive and appropriate environment. This is an absolute necessity for high-quality childcare programs, and because of this devotion, we form very strong bonds with the children in our school.

Equally important are the crucial partnerships we have with the families that come to our center. We recognize you as the child's first teacher and look to build a foundation of trust. We are here to work in cooperation with families in doing what is in the very best interest of each child.

Part of developing good communication is daily contact with families. Our open-door policy welcomes each of you into your child’s world and encourages you to become involved with your children’s education and social lives by visiting their classrooms and getting to know your child's routine.



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