Do I pay if my child is absent?

Yes.  Tuition payments are based on annual enrollment and are broken down into installment payments for your convenience.

Do you accept Childcare Scholarships (State Assistance)?

Yes, please see your case worker for eligibility and forms.

Do you offer a before/after school program?

Yes, we are located across the street from Highland Goffs Falls, which allows us to bring children to school in the a.m. and pick them up in the p.m.  We also do transport to p.m. public kindergarten at Highland Goffs Falls.

What if my child is not a napper?

Napping is not mandatory at our campuses.  We have a "rest" time, and during this time children lay down on their mats.  Some children choose to sleep, while others read books or play quietly with our special "rest time" toys.

Does your center have a family day?

Yes!  We have several events throughout the year in which families can come and participate!

  • Fall Festival
  • Holiday plays
  • Graduations
  • Family fun day
  • Chaperoning field trips

Does your center close for vacation?

No. We are a year-round facility with school year and summer programs. We are closed for major holidays.

How will I know if the center is closed due to storms?

We have an email program set up with parents which allows us to email you first thing in the morning if the campus is closed.  This also allows us to send out weekly reminders of school activities and information.  We also post school closings on WMUR.



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