Debbie Lindahl
Assistant Director/Nursery Teacher

Debbie is the assistant director and a nursery teacher at MCDC. She is married with a young adult son. She’s worked as a teacher, director and summer camp coordinator and worked with children from toddlers to fifth grade. She has an associate degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a background in sign language. She has worked with the Visiting Angels organization and has been a foster parent.



Melissa Bilodeau
Nursery Teacher

Melissa graduated with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Colby-Sawyer College.  Over the years, she has worked in both large and small centers around the Manchester area and taught children from age one to five.  For several years she has worked with toddlers and has come to realize that this is the age group she loves.  She and her husband are very happy with the care and love their daughter receives daily at MCDC.



Kristine Cooper
Kindergarten Teacher

Kristine is a kindergarten teacher and works with the before and after school program/summer camp. She has an associate degree in Early Childhood Education and has many years experience working with kindergarteners. Her passion is teaching and getting very creative and messy. She is also a new mother! She and her husband are very excited for their daughter to start her Manchester Child Develoopment Center experience

Catherine Goeman
Preschool Teacher
Catherine has a great love for children!  She has nieces and nephews that she is very close with.  We are familiar with Catherine because one of her nieces has attended our school. Catherine changed her major from Psychology to Early Childhood Education.  We are so excited to have her on our team. She is full of passion and excitement, and the children love to explore and learn with her.

Krystal Navez

Nursery Teacher
Krystal is a mother of 2 young children. She came highly recommended from Head Start. Krystal shares her love of music with the infants in her classroom. The infants enjoy her enthusiasm, patience, and love - all of which help them thrive, develop, and move onto our toddler program.

Allison Duval

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Allison has a great love for yoga and “messy art”! She has worked as a private nanny and at local centers. She came highly recommended from her co-workers and from parents. We are happy to have her at our school. She loves to laugh, smile and play outside. 

Michelle Iverson

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
We met Michelle when she came to our center to complete her college required observations. We fell in love with her. She is a mother of 2 boys and she and her husband are very involved in the local youth sport community. She brings a sense of calmness and security to the classroom. 

Taylor Kelley

School-Age Aide and Floater
Taylor is a student at Memorial High School and has been a part of our school family since she was three years old in our preschool. We all feel very special in having had the opportunity to watch her grow into a dedicated, responsible and caring young adult.

Maria Fournier

Summer Camp
Maria is an early childhood student at Colby Sawyer College. We feel very fortunate to have her on our summer team. She is full of passion, excitement and loves children.


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